Intermediate Student Support Placement -- Criteria


Intermediate Student Support (ISS) is a short term placement focused on helping students develop self regulation through a relational approach. The development of self regulation will help students identify and reduce their stressors, assist in solving conflict,  and increase engagement in the classroom learning.  Students will have the opportunity to continue their academic progress while benefiting from skills and coaching by our team within a non-rotary classroom.  Our team members work with and support the needs of students in grades 7 and 8 who are experiencing recurring struggles in their life which are impacting their success both academically and socially. The program is staffed by two teachers, a child and youth worker, and a school social worker. Students can be accommodated in this classroom at any given time (continuous intake model) and remain for a placement that is typically six weeks long before they return to their home school.

The focus of the placement is to support the development of the following skills:

  • Self Awareness: identification and expression of emotions
  • Social Awareness: perspective taking to assist in problem solving
  •  Self Regulation: understanding the impact of stress on the brain/behaviour
  •  Stress Management: strategies that help reduce my stress

Indicators that a student could be a good fit:

  • Self regulation, lack of problem solving and/or conflict resolution skills, and stress management are the primary presenting issues.

Indicators that further discussion required before placement is considered:

  • School avoidance is the primary presenting issue (consider First Place instead)
  •  Trauma and attachment are the primary presenting issues (consider a longer term program such as ECPP)

 Schools interested in applying for a placement should first consult with their clinical team about appropriateness of an ISS placement, ensure the student and the family are interested in participating in a placement, complete the referral package, and then send it to our social worker, Kim Kramer ([email protected]Once received, the application will be reviewed to ensure that this placement will meet the student's needs.  If so,  the student and family will be invited to an intake meeting. 

During the placement, the ISS team offers support to the family through regular contact with parents.  After transitioning back to their home school, the student and family may continue to receive support from ISS staff as appropriate.

Referring School Responsibilities:


  • Complete a referral package and reach out to program Social Worker.  As part of the package, provide the student’s IEP, a Safe and/or Safety, and/or Behaviour Support Plan if available. 

Upon Acceptance:

  • The sending school is responsible for arranging van transportation to the placement (located at Richard Pfaff Secondary Alternate School, 160 Percy St).

During Placement:

  • The student remains registered at the home-school and the OSR remains at the home school.The home-school will maintain each student's Student Information System record, including attendance and the Provincial Report Card/Progress Report. Our team will forward student attendance to the office administrator of the home school at the end of each week and provide updates on academic progress as requiredCommunicate academic status and goals with ISS staff who will be overseeing delivery of the learning materials.
  •  In consultation with the ISS team, establish a home-school mentor who will help the student reintegrate on completion of the student placement with ISS. This person maintains contact with the student over the course of their placement at ISS and will visit the student at least once during the placement.  Ideally this person is a staff member with a positive reciprocal relationship with the student.
  • Collaborate in the development of a reintegration plan with our team and host a discharge meeting in the week prior to the student’s return. 

Following Return:

  • Communicate with staff at ISS regarding the student’s performance during the reintegration period.

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