Four Point Tuesday!  As a celebration of winter, if you come on Tuesday Feb 24, you will receive a bonus of 4 points.  

We Stand Together Speaking Tour.  10:40-11:40

 A motivational speaker and Aboriginal Programs Facilitator from Free The Children, Talitha Tolles, will come and share her personal story and educate about Aboriginal history, culture and traditions.Talitha lives by the words "stay inspired;" these words remind her of how important it is to share her passions with youth on a daily basis.


Ice cream cone winter celebration and donation day for the Education Fund.  Please bring in any spare change to donate to the Education Foundation: a charity that works with the OCDSB to raise funds to help provide food, warm clothing, medication and extra-curricular activities for students who are in need.  Every bit counts!

 To show our thanks for your participation in the celebration, we will be handing out ice cream cones for everyone.  



Welcome to Richard Pfaff Secondary Alternate Program

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The Richard Pfaff Secondary Alternate Program was designed to provide students with a different path to complete their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (O.S.S.D.)

It is the Alternate Program's commitment to work with students to build a safe, creative and caring environment.

  Our goal is to promote personal responsibility, self-esteem through hard work and achievement and to provide a formal education that will lead to satisfaction and productivity.

The focus at Richard Pfaff Alternate Program is on supporting students so that they can achieve all the requirements for their diplomas. We carefully monitor student progress and strive to provide opportunities for students that allow them to take responsibility for their learning.