EVA OLSSON- Holocaust Survivor
Will be speaking in the auditorium THURSDAY NOVEMBER 19th at 930am.

An announcement will be made at 9:25am tomorrow for students to head to the auditorium.
All of students are expected to attend the presentation.
1 point will be offered for arriving before 9:30am.

Students who arrive after 9:30am won't be attending the presentation. Head to Allison, Craig or Hamish's room to work.

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Welcome to Richard Pfaff Secondary Alternate Program

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The Richard Pfaff Secondary Alternate Program was designed to provide students with a different path to complete their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (O.S.S.D.)

It is the Alternate Program's commitment to work with students to build a safe, creative and caring environment.

  Our goal is to promote personal responsibility, self-esteem through hard work and achievement and to provide a formal education that will lead to satisfaction and productivity.

The focus at Richard Pfaff Alternate Program is on supporting students so that they can achieve all the requirements for their diplomas. We carefully monitor student progress and strive to provide opportunities for students that allow them to take responsibility for their learning.